At The Airport

We’re sitting at the airport in San Salvador waiting to leave and so many thoughts are running through our minds.  We are really humbled by the work we were able to do this week. 

Yesterday was an awesome day!  We went to the market in the morning and got to haggle for the price we wanted to pay for gifts to take home.  After that we stopped at Pollo Compareo for take out and we started our drive to Mrs. Mediate’s sister’s beach house.  About 40 minutes later we got there and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  We ate our pollo campero in the cabana right on the beach.  After lunch we all went in the ocean, it was like bath water.  The waves were huge and the undertoe was quite strong, but we were all careful and had a BLAST playing in the water and just sitting on the beach.  It was a beautiful beach full of palm trees and volcanic sand. 

After swimming we all grabbed a hammock or a longue chair and most of us took a nap.  it was so great hearing the waves crash and the gentle breeze blowing.  It was beautiful.  I was awoken from my nap with the sound of kenny saying, “BRyan you got to get this on video.”  One of the guys that worked at the beach house was climbing the coconut tree to get us all coconuts.  So he brought them down and we all drank the water out of the coconut.  That was a first for me.  Then he got a couple of more ripe coconuts from a different tree and made us all virgin pina coladas.  They were really good and really fresh.  They also let us eat some of the coconut.  After our coconut experience we all watched the sun set on the pacific.  It was gorgeous.   

We all went in and got cleaned up for dinner and then went to a restraunt on the eschtuary.  it was very nice eating on the water.  After dinner we camp back and made a fire on the beach.  We sat around it and prayed and worshiped God.  For me this was a really intimate experience.  There were so many stars out and nature is probably my favorite way to connect with God.  After that we all went to bed. 

This morning we all go up around 6:15 so we could start the day early and enjoy the beach house.  Many people went for walks some just laid in the hammock.  Some walked down to the fishing village next to the beach house and watched the fishermen come in and out.  I went for one last dip in the ocean.  I can’t believe i was swimming at 7am and i’ll be freezing by 11pm when we arrive in Pittsburgh. 

I’m still amazed that people who don’t even know us would serve us in this way.  Betty (Mrs. Mediate’s Sister) was thrilled to have us at her home.  She was a gracious host and even joined us for the fire and worship time.  I think God is doing something special in her life. 

We look forward to seeing all of you tonight and tomorrow!


About bgratton

I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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  1. friend says:

    Sounds awesome!!

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