I know I know…I struggle at this whole blogging thing…for the three of you that check out this blog, here’s the latest.  The kids are doing well.  Kai is getting really big and is potty trained. 


Kaden’s birthday is today and he is 2.  He’s really an amazing 2 year old though, he tries so hard to keep up with his brother.  Check them out riding their bikes.  They both LOVE riding bikes. 

Kristen could be having the newest addition to our family any day now… Mia Diane Gratton.  She’s really feeling it and she’s had contractions way early than with the other 2.  I think we’re both ready for her to have this baby…neither one of us are sleeping well at night…

I’ve been learning a lot personally as the church has gone through some difficult times, but we’re coming out on the other side of it.  I’m excited with the renewed creativity and passion and focus that we all have.  I really think Discovery is in for some cool stuff in the coming months. 

 I’ve also been trying to slowly update my you tube site, so check it out.  I’ll try to do a better job of keeping this thing updated…


Other pics:

Kaden’s BDay at CiCi’s  photo_070407_001.jpg Pirate Game mommy’s shoes


About bgratton

I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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2 Responses to Strugglin’

  1. Kent says:

    good to see you the other day. good to see you back on here.

  2. Lori DiNitto says:

    Hey, I check this every so often too (saw the link on Kent’s). I guess I’m #4 that reads this. I just started our own “family blog” too. I hope I don’t stink at it. LOL

    I didn’t know your wife was THAT close to having the baby. You all will be in my prayers!!

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