Day 2

Hey all – Tom Bice here.  Bryan made the mistake of playing a pick up game of basketball tonight and is now too tired to type.  Yeah, I agree with you…kind of wimpy.  Before going any further, I love and miss you very much Dana!!

Today we went to the town of San Luis Talpa – a very poor rural community.  We worked with the “Home from the Heart” mission which is developing a small community in a model similar to Habitat for Humanity.  Residents work to buid either their home or a future home after they move in.  Our team worked on excavating foundations, pouring concrete, patching concrete walls and general semi-skilled labor activities.  We would have been a completely skilled labor force, except we have to count Bryan who is unskilled enough to bring down the average of the entire group!!  Temperature soared over 90 degrees and no shade to be found – much suncreen and water was used by the group.  In addition to our labor, the group was entertained by 8 to 10 local children who took a real shine to Taylor and Ingar.  (Don’t worry Jen, we aren’t letting him bring anyone home!)  The poverty was very overwhelming – kids didn’t have shoes and one didn’t have clothing!  We were grateful to make a difference and also grateful in appreciation for our faimilies and all of our blessings.

For the daily MVPs, work effort goes to Taylor (she rocks), Ingar gets the pick-ax MVP, JeanLynne get the concrete patching MVP, Luann gets the concrete scrubbing MVP, Becky gets the foundation excavation MVP, Bryan gets the MVP for leading the group well, and I’ll take the blog MVP (since Bryan was too tired). 

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Working with youth and feeding the homeless at night.

Thanks for reading, following along with our adventure, and praying for us.

Wishing you each peace.


About bgratton

I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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5 Responses to Day 2

  1. Kristen says:

    It is so good to hear all that is going on…we all miss you guys tons and can’t wait to have you guys home again.

  2. Todd says:

    Looks like you guy’s are making a huge difference!! Keep it up! See you soon Jon!!

  3. Nate & Anne Miller says:

    Hi Bryan & Becky! Becky, we saw your fam at North Park on Saturday. It’s great to hear the play by play. We are praying for you all!

  4. G. says:

    Such a great job by all of you!! It’s really wonderful to read these everyday thank you so much for the updates. It makes my everyday job here in the office seem rather pointless…..
    You are all amazing people !! G.

  5. Judy Leatherman says:

    Congrats for working hard and helping the world be a better place. Sounds and looks like such an enriching experience. take care. Special love to Ingar!

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