Cisna Day

Hello Yall. We woke up and had a great breakfast and headed off to the all boys orphanage Cisna. It was bizarre to see the orphanage situated between two women’s prisons. We pulled up to the gate and the boys had a parade with a band all waiting for us.They were so excited to see us.  We started our day with a cleaning project and volunteered ourselves into two teams, the cleaning team and the painting team.  The cleaning team had quite a task. We were to clean an usused bathroom that was unbelievably disgusting to say the least.  By the end of our cleaning, we were renamed The Toilet Team. There really are no words to describe that scene. The other “pansy” team painted a storage room.   We bet you can tell what team your bloggers were on.  After cleaning we took a quick lunch break and then started setting up for the carnival. We had a petting zoo with cows, a few donkeys, a horse, goats, and a bunny.  There were also two inflatables that entertained the boys all afternoon. Leigh had a photo booth that was a huge hit even with the adults.  Before we left, we presented the director with donations from the church. She thanked us for coming to volunteer and told us how unique the day was.  After  a quick stop at the base, we hopped into the back of the truck and headed to Jon and Danielle’s house for a delicious dinner.  We are all very tired and now we are getting ready for another long day tomorrow.  Adios.  Carrie and Kelly

P.S. I love you Aleyce and Marlee!!!!

P. S. S. I haven’t seen any snakes!!!!

Lana, Jen, Victoria, Carrie, Leigh, Kelly, Alicia, Angela, & Shannon

Team Toliet - Cleaning up that wonderful bathroom

Team "We'll paint" Lana, Jen, & Leigh

Kelly and SamuelLana about to be overrun for silly bands

Leigh fitting a picture into a frame

Kelly helping some of the boys make necklaces

Shannon and a group of boys at Arts and Crafts station

Alicia face/arm paintingLeigh at the photo station surrounded!The Inflatables have arrived! Kelly and Lana "supervising" the InflatablesAlicia and her new NovioThe petting zoo has arrivedAngela and the boys waiting for their turn on the horseOne of the boys and the ponyJen, Shannon, Lana, & Kelly giving the donations to the Director of CINSA