Day at Cipi

Today we went to another orphanage, Cipi. We were greeted by a young boy who was so excited to see us he jumped on the truck before we could even get out. It was heartbreaking to see 13 year old girls with babies or pregnant. They were truly babies having babies.  The housing situation there was better than what we saw yesterday but still very sad.  The room for mothers and babies was pretty with pink canopies over the beds, however, the disabled children were lying on the cement floor.  We did the carnival again and they enjoyed making bracelets and getting their nails painted.  The pictures were a huge hit again and it was nice to see the young mothers with pictures of themselves and their babies.  We then went to buy the food supplies to feed the homeless at the El Salvador’s version of Sam’s Club.  There was a unique situation where one of the homeless men that John knows asked to come with us to feed the other homeless.  After making over 150 bags of food and passing them out we have no words to explain the experience.  The group of young children racing from underneath a bridge to us, a young boy hanging off the back of the truck not wanting to let go, the three elderly people living in an abandoned storage room, and many more.  It is hard to process everything that we just saw and the reality of it all.  We are so blessed to have a roof over our heads and food for our families.  John is amazing!  We are so inspired by the selfless work he is doing here.  He is a true angel sent to these people.  We feel priviledged to be here and see him doing God’s work.

Shannon and Leigh


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I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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One Response to Day at Cipi

  1. Bryan Gratton says:

    Thanks so much for sharing about your day at CIPI and feeding the homeless. It truly is life changing. Guess what? You ladies made the message that Toney gave this morning. :). Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome!

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