Party Day (kinda)

Sunday in El Salvador we started the day going to an international church. It was touching to be in a different culture and seeing Christians worshiping similar but in Spanish. We were able to hear the message through headphones with a translator. Shortly after we headed back to CISNA, the all boys orphanage we visited first, and treated them to a pizza party. It was fun getting the pizza ready for the LINE of boys eager to get inside and start eating. All the boys had a great time and were really appreciative. We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with them playing UNO and talking. It was tough when it came time to say goodbye. We’ll always remember the faces of the boys chasing after the truck as we left.

Next we went to La Casa which is a privately run orphanage consisting of boys and girls ages 1 to 21 in more of a home setting.  We threw them an ice cream party equipped with a variety of toppings.  The kids were delighted!  It was vastly different from the government run orphanages, and gave us a positive, hopeful end to our visits. It was a much quicker trip and we only got to talk to a few of the orphans but they are doing so much! John told us one of them was the valedictorian of their high school – you can tell they are going to impact the world. After leaving La Casa we went to a restaurant for traditional Salvadorian food.

We got back to the base and sang Happy Birthday to Ian Snyder who turned 4 today! Superman cake! Then spent the rest of the evening reflecting on the day and how it has impacted us. We had our devotional and said some prayers for the boys’ futures. We know everything we’ve seen and done is touching not only the lives of the children and people here but ours as well.

We had a lot of parties today – Pizza, Ice Cream, and Ian’s Birthday! It was a rewarding day.

Alicia and Jen


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I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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