Day 3 Monday Usulutan / From Drew

Day 3 Monday Usulutan

Hi this is drew myers.
Today we woke up to the fresh smell of dead bugs! Fran (one of our translators) made a barrier of bug spray around him last night and found, in his words, hundreds of bugs were the bug spray was! After cleaning up our space were we slept, we continued our work on the roof. All day, everyone thought that our roof would not be finished at the pace that we were working at, but I said all along that it would be done. Even the pastor had thought that it could not be done. But in a matter of four hours, we had completed five times the amount of work that we had done the previous day. We had finished the cross sections, and the unthinkable had become true. At that point a lady came over with two chickens which was an odd site. Now all that was left was the stell roofing. After a few minutes of rest and thought, we found a good system for placing the panels on top of the wooden frame. Before we started back up again, we had a pleasant home made lunch of Mac and cheese. I helped make it along with Rina, Jake, and Rochelle. Rochelle had neve made Mac and cheese before, so she had slot of different ideas on how it should be made. First she tried to put the noodles in chicken broth! Next she wanted to know when it would be fried. Lastly when we were done she wanted to know when the cheese comes
in and if it needed to be fried now! In the end, it turned out to be a very good lunch. While we were eating lunch, Nathan was feeding stray dogs with coconuts that the pastor cut for him. After lunch, I asked a few people how much of the roof would be completed by the end of the day. Some said half, and some said quarter. I still had faith that god would come through for us and help us complete the roof.around five o’clock, the roof only needed one more panel. Right as we were getting ready to finish it, Jon and Ben came back to help us finish. About ten minutes after they had arrived, we had finished the entire roof that had thought to have been not finished! After the roof was done, we traveled on a rocky boat to an island called Montecristo. We played soccer there and bought some fresh el salvadorian cashews. Then we went to see one of the most interesting places that I had ever seen before. It was a beach with an ocean on one side, a calm lake on the other side of it, and two volcanos standing tall behind the lake! It was amazing to see those three totally different terrains all together as one.

When we got back to the pastor’s church, we ate dinner. It looked delicious, and they made bread out of the oven in the bakery that we built! But when we looked down on our plate to see what we were eating, we saw that there was chicken that looked quite familiar. Those two chickens that the lady brought to the church was an offering to us from the community for building them a bakery! After dinner, we said goodbye and went back to the YWAM base. We went to bed and prepared for another day in El Salvador


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I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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