Day 4 – Tuesday / From Jake

This is written by Jake Gregory.

Today we woke up around 9:00 am. Everyone was very happy that we had lots of pancakes for breakfast, along with bananas and strawberries. After we enjoyed our breakfast we sorted through all of the clothes that we donated to us. Shorty after we took in some of the homeless. Where each of us were goven jobs to do. The adults talked to the homless while Ben, Drew, and Susan cooked and served the food, and Nate and I stood at the door for security. As the homeless arrived they recieved a shower, food to eat, and new clothes.  After the homeless had left, and everything was put away we ate our food. After lunch some of the adults went to get food for later when we would make, and deliver food for the homeless. As we made the food for the homeless we had some competition amoung the helpers. Mainly the rivalry between Ben and I for the fastest sandwich bag opener ( were we ended up tying). Once we ran out of food to finish the meals we loaded up the pick-up truck, and handed food to the homeless. While we were on our route we got to in to downtown. While in downtown we had places were we had one or two people to feed, and others where we had people chasing us in crowds around 15 to 20. Towards the end of our route we had a huge crowd of 20 or more chasing us. We eventually ran out of food, and had about 10 to 15 more to feed. This being my first time on a mission trip or even feeding the homeless I was truely shock at how far the people would run for food no matter the age ( Their was an old woman running at the front of the line beating a person on a bike).  When we gave out our last bag of food we returned back to where we were staying around 10:30 where we got ready for the next day.


About bgratton

I'm the Pastor of Community Involvement at Discovery Christian Church I have a beautiful wife, Kristen and two lovely boys Kai (2) and Kaden (1).
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