April 2011 Women’s El Salvador Trip

Day 1 at CISNA

Lana, Jen, Victoria, Carrie, Leigh, Kelly, Alicia, Angela, & ShannonTeam Toliet - Cleaning up that wonderful bathroomTeam "We'll paint" Lana, Jen, & LeighKelly and SamuelLana about to be overrun for silly bandsLeigh fitting a picture into a frameKelly helping some of the boys make necklacesAlicia face/arm paintingShannon and a group of boys at Arts and Crafts stationLeigh at the photo station surrounded!Team Toliet - Cleaning up that wonderful bathroom

The Inflatables have arrived!

Kelly and Lana "supervising" the Inflatables

Alicia and her new Novio

The petting zoo has arrived

Angela and the boys waiting for their turn on the horse

One of the boys and the pony

Jen, Shannon, Lana, & Kelly giving the donations to the Director of CINSA